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Welcome to Verantwortung zeigen! - an influential network linking dedicated members in industry, society, sciences and church in the south of Austria. 

Our common goal is to create the framework for responsible economic activity and  strengthen the bonds between society and economy. Verantwortung zeigen! is empowering effective corporate social responsibility upon strong values like trust and commitment, inclusion and solid relationships.

Our valued members so far. - Please join.

Building a joined-up future for economy and society

Extensive network programme

We have developed a comprehensive yearly network programme on different themes and levels of proficiency.

Regular Events and Meetings

Verantwortung zeigen! regularly creates projects and organises events for cross-sectoral exchange of information, experiences and ideas. Such as VZ Impulsnachmittage, VZ Dialoge, VZ Thementage or VZ Abendveranstaltungen.


Corporate Volunteering Projects

Corporate commitment beyond donations. Verantwortung zeigen! encourages personal engagement with heart and hands reaching to people in need. Explore our projects: VZ Engagementtage, VZ Adventkalender


Workshops and Seminars

Verantwortung zeigen! organizes a number of workshops and seminars providing managers and interested professionals with state of the art knowledge on CSR. Check here the updated seminar programme.


Expertise and Monitoring

We are CSR specialists providing mentoring, training, strategy and reporting support on a high proficiency management level.


Verantwortung zeigen! empowers sustainable relationships upon values of fairness, trust and commitment.

Join our network and take part in the constant dialogue with notable fellow partners in industry, society, sciences and church:

  • take part in a regular and qualified dialogue
  • discuss social developments, get answer on questions, receive input and work together on new ideas
  • discover and influence together social, economic and ecologic trends
  • enjoy visibility as a valued member of an influential network

Why should you become a member:

  • if you care for a proper working environment for your staff
  • if you wish to strenthen the personal responsibility of your employees
  • if you wish to do more good than donating, but you don't know how and where
  • if you want to actively design the society you are working and living in and wish to join in strong, effective projects
  • if you are a leading company in your region and enjoy a role model status
  • if you want to generate a sustainable, committed public image of your company.

They are all in ...
Our valued partners at a glance.

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VZ! finanziert sich über die Beiträge der Netzwerkunternehmen und arbeitet ohne öffentliche Mittel. Ein Danke allen, die mit dabei sind!